Seonggu Ro


Drug R&D (> 30 years)
  • CrystalGenomics, Inc. (co-Founder & CTO)
  • LG Life Science (Principal Scientist, Drug design & Peptide Research)
  • UCSD (Post-doc, Structural Studies & Drug Design)
  • UCSD (Ph.D., Medicinal & Peptidomimetics Chemistry)
  • Korea University (BS & MS, Chemistry & Physical Chemistry)
Major Experiences
  • Next generation NSAIDs: Pre-clinical & clinical development, NDA (Korea) filing & approval , drug reimbursement, marketing support
  • Anti-bacterial agent specific for S.aureus: Drug design to proof-of-concept in human
  • Targeted anti-cancer agent: Drug design to Phase 1b/2 for 2 indications.
  • 2 early stage candidates: discovery & out-licensing to US companies
  • Several strategic collaborations with global pharma and biotech (Astra-Zeneca, Daiich-Sankyo, …..)
  • “Jang Young-Sil Award” 2016
  • “Silver-Tower Industry Medal” by President of Korea, 2015
  • “Minister Award for the Industrial Technology” 2015
  • “Minister Award for the Contribution to Advancement of Healthcare Technology in Research Field” 2014
  • “2009 Top 100 Researches in Korea”
  • “New Intellectual” 2002
Donggyu Shin


Drug R&D (> 20 years)
  • Korea Drug Development Fund (Senior Researcher)
  • Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (Research Staff Member, Protein Drug Design & Informatics)
  • KAIST (Ph.D., Drug Design & Informatics)
  • CrystalGenomics, Inc. (Principal Scientist, Drug Design & Informatics)
  • LG Life Science (Scientist, Drug Design & Informatics)
  • Seoul University(BS & MS,Chemistry & Physical Chemistry)
Major Experiences
  • Project evaluation & management of numerous drug discovery & development projects for grants.
  • Discovery of antibody drugs and novel biologics
  • Involved in the discovery of 2 Phase II clinical stage projects (Anti-bacterial agent specific for S.aureus, targeted anti-cancer agent)
  • Drug design in many other projects (one candidate was licensed out and several strategic collaborations with global pharma and biotech)
Skills & Techniques
  • Biomedical bigdata analysis
  • Drug design (small molecules, peptides and peptidomimetics & proteins)
  • Management of drug discovery projects